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Weddings & Catering


Exclusiveness and professionalism for an unforgettable moment.

What people remember most when they take part in an event is above all the quality of the food. This is why Chef Luigi Gandola gets all staff at the Salice Blu Restaurant involved in organising an event, so that every small detail can be taken care of, from creating a personalised menu to selecting the mise en place.

We believe it’s important to establish a relationship with our customers based on trust so that we can provide them the best service and make their event unforgettable. Catering can move to the location of your choice thanks to our kitchen on wheels. We only need electricity and water!

we are attentive to the smallest details

We prepare the rooms and tables, including the customisable centrepieces, on the day of the event itself after in-depth walk-throughs are carried out in the months beforehand to plan the details, such as the aperitif buffet, the arrangement of lunch or dinner tables and the dessert buffet.

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