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Bellagio Experience

Unique Experiences: Savour the Magic of Our Locations

Become an integral part of our culinary story through our Bellagio Experiences: absorbing cookery lessons, exciting truffle hunts, relaxing boat tours on Lake Como, exclusive wine tastings and visits to Bellagio’s traditional dairy.

Exclusiveness and professionalism for an unforgettable moment.

What people remember most when they take part in an event is above all the quality of the food. This is why Chef Luigi Gandola gets all staff at the Salice Blu Restaurant involved in organising an event, so that every small detail can be taken care of, from creating a personalised menu to selecting the mise en place.

We believe it’s important to establish a relationship with our customers based on trust so that we can provide them the best service and make their event unforgettable. Catering can move to the location of your choice thanks to our kitchen on wheels. We only need electricity and water!

Weddings and catering

Unique locations

Unique Experiences: Savour the Magic of Our Locations

Explore our cozy wine cellar, where wine tastings turn into gripping tales among prestigious labels.
Enjoy the terrace surrounded by greenery, offering a natural and refined atmosphere, with Lake Como as a suggestive backdrop for lunches and dinners under the starry sky. In the heart of the Blue Willow, our restaurant welcomes you with warmth and sophistication, offering refined details and dishes that blend in a combination of taste and style.
Experience the magic of our locations, where every moment becomes an unforgettable chapter in your gastronomic journey.

Chef Luigi Gandola as personal chef

Book Chef Luigi for your own kitchen, choose the menu with him and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, with his good humour and his skill with the pans!

You can enjoy friends and good wine and every now and then will reveal some secrets.

Also available in the United States.

The Salice at your house

Cooking school

A fun cooking lesson with Chef Luigi Gandola

The culinary adventure begins at 10am when Chef Luigi himself awaits you at the ferry boat area and tells you stories about his kitchen during the trip to the Salice Blu restaurant. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be welcomed with a coffee or cappuccino and put on your apron, ready to see the aromatic herb garden and the vegetable garden behind the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant, you will be greeted with a good coffee or cappuccino, you will wear the apron and ready to see the herb garden and the vegetable garden behind the restaurant. At around 10.30am it’s time to go into the kitchen and start the lesson! Once everything is cooked, you will have the chance to sample what you have made and will receive a special certificate! The lesson finishes at around 14:30. The return journey to the centre of Bellagio is organised.

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