Mino Gandola

My father, Mino, who sadly is no longer here to see the fruits of what we started together, 15 years ago, when I first entered the kitchens. I am enormously grateful to him for teaching me, for setting an example to me and for his affection. He was the one who showed me the ropes and taught me the values on which my life and work today are based: to make the most of every gram of any ingredient used, without waste; to look at the finished product and never at the individual parts; to communicate with the restaurant’s customers in person; to be open to advice and to remain humble; to continue to create new dishes every day, but without losing sight of our rustic origins; to love the kitchen garden and its produce and to make the most of local products.

Luigi Gandola


Angelo Bosetti

Angelo Bosetti, the sous chef at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, who welcomed me like a son on my first day at work in the kitchen, and who guided, advised and encouraged me during the seven years that I spent alongside him. He was the one who developed me both professionally and as a person, to the extent that he became like a second father to me. He was at my side during the many national and international cookery competitions, which I entered along with friends from the Association of Italian Chefs, to whom I am immensely grateful. Sadly, Angelo is no longer with us, but I know that he’s still helping me from above.

Luigi Gandola

In the winter of 2005, the restaurant was renovated to give it a more stylish and welcoming atmosphere, whilst retaining its original basic layout. The façade remains intact, however, with its pergola, so loved by every member of the Gandola family and by the numerous customers who have eaten in its shade

Refined Genius

Its dishes are a combination of refinement, yet never too meticulous in appearance, and a triumph of wonderfully blended flavours.
Recounting this gastronomic experience is not easy...
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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the “Pearl of the Lake”, an overwhelmingly wonderful spot, with its mild climate and stunningly beautiful views.