In 2013, with the brothers Donadoni a carpenter family from Bergamo. I made a private cellar under the restaurant that i take care personally in the detail and for the events that I organize is very simple: A single table romantically decorated in combination with several types of menus, that  depending on the seasons of the year


Salice Blu in Bellagio

  • Location and Atmosphere
  • Super shock Welcome….
  • Special Effect and Flower
  • Romantic Table
  • Il cibo servito durante il ricevimento è creato dallo chef Luigi Gandola



of the begin…

Since 2005 i became officially the owner of the restaurant Salice Blu Bellagio, opened in 1973 by the parents. I start in 2013 organizes Catering in love at wedding receptions in the most beautiful location of Lake Como and in all Italy. With his presence, the culinary approach takes more creativity and elegance, while always maintaining a strong link with the territory.

From 2013 participates in the television program La Prova del Cuoco broadcast on RAI 1. It is part of the National Association of Chefs from 1994. In the area of Como district and one of the member of the Società Cooperativa Agricola Olivicoltori Lake Como a group of olive oil maker.