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Luigi Gandola

Just a few minutes drive from Bellagio’s city center and Lake Como, an elegant restaurant in Bellagio is home to the award-winning imaginative Chef Luigi. While young, Chef Luigi worked in the illustrious Villa D’Este for seven years and has already won 40 gold medals in international culinary competitions. Still, Chef Luigi is humble and energetic as he talks about using local ingredients and teaches his hands-on pasta cooking class in his family-owned restaurant.
Your culinary adventure begins around 10:00 a.m. when Chef Luigi himself picks you up from your hotel lobby in Bellagio , post office, or ferry gate and regales you with tales from his kitchen on the ride over to his family’s restaurant. Once at the restaurant, relax for a moment with a cup of coffee or cappuccino with the chef and then you dress on the apron and explore the herb garden behind the restaurant.

The hands-on cooking lesson begins at 10:30 a.m. and focuses on creating homemade pasta fresca, packed with fresh day ingredients, as well as risotto, tagliatelle, gnocchi and dessert every day different. After enjoying your lunch on the terrace (weather permitting).
Chef Luigi will also send you off with a home made bottle of olive oil, an apron, a diploma of participation, as well as an english recipe collection,focused on dishes typical to the region. Your class ends at 2:30 p.m. when Chef Luigi returns you to Bellagio town or your bellagio hotel with the private van of the restaurant with all of your culinary souvenirs.